High Vibration Art


Some monumental creative figures have commented on the artistic process in ways that were and perhaps still are out of synch with the art industry. Picasso said “I simply painted images that arose in front of my eyes; it’s for the others to find a hidden meaning in them. A painting, for me, speaks by itself; what good does it do, after all, to impart explanations? A painter has only one language; as for the rest...” His sentence ends with a shrug of his shoulders. Oscar Wilde said a work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. In other words, the inevitable and inimitable product of a specific person in a particular context. Jackson Pollock echoed this sentiment when he said that every good painter paints what he is. From the viewer-of-art side of the matter, the ability to appreciate any particular piece depends on the vibration of the work and the vibration of the viewer. Since color vibrates and different colors interact with one another in various manners and vibrate together as a whole and then interact with our own vibration, it seems evident that piece and patron have a greater-than-usually-acknowledged relationship. Perhaps the notion that art is vibratory is not such an unscientific statement after all. It certainly goes a long way toward explaining why some abstract pieces skyrocket to profound levels of appreciation while others, though technically precise and visually pleasant, remain virtually unknown.

The curators of this website selected the art contained herein based on the impression that the work conveys a conscious frequency that can be good for mind, body, and spirit. We hope you like the collection,  enjoy the art, dig the vibration. Thanks for visiting!

Art that Feels Good, Is Good

Himalayas by Jarl Forsman

Stalagmite by Steve Sekhon